Who even reads the “about” page anyway?

Look, the story’s pretty simple – Anguel likes to take photos.

The coolest thing about him is probably his name – no Starbucks employee wielding a sharpie has ever survived it. It’s been dubbed “exotic”.

Some other (less cool) stuff about Anguel:

  •  He lives in Vancouver with this natural girl. They make lots of avocado toast. On gluten.  
  •  Ray Metzger is his favorite photographer. While writing this he googled Ray Metzger again and was reminded (again) how much he sucks by comparison.
  • He knows you think photo editing is not cool. He likes it anyway. Yes, every photo on this site is edited and no, he’s not ashamed of it.
  • He’s a fan of music and that’s influenced his approach to photography – epic photos are like smash singles, but a bunch of bangers devoid of story don't make a classic album.
  • Anguel is a bad rapper, but Kendrick Lamar is his favourite storyteller. Breathe slow and you'll find… gold mines in his lines.